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HRMS Software
HRMS Software

SHIFT HRMS is a powerful and complete HRMS and Payroll Software that helps Companies automate their HR and Payroll workflows. The cloud based solution which provides complete solution to SME from different industries.

  • A single integrated platform covering every activity in an employee's lifecycle - from Recruitment to Exit.
  • Modify policies, profile fields, documents and workflows of leave, attendance, payroll from scratch to perfectly meet your requirements.
  • Real-time attendance management for managing attendance, holiday calendar & shifts.
  • Eliminating error prone, manual & time consuming spreadsheet/excel based payroll.
  • Manage employee claims & reimbursement with ease.
  • Empowering and engaging your employees with communication & collaboration tool
  • Intuitive visual dashboards and comprehensive reports.


Most Modern & Modular Cloud Based HR System for complete Employee Lifecycle Management. It combines industry expertise and best-practice integrating with Cloud and automation technologies to take the cost and complexity out of HR management.

Why Choose SHIFT HRMS?

HR and payroll software in India is an employee-centric software that effortlessly manages all your HR functions under one roof.

fully configurable

Fully Configurable

Modify policies, profile fields, documents and workflows from scratch to perfectly meet your requirements.

data security

Data Security

Microsoft Azure Data Centre for complete data security and protection

data privacy

Data Privacy

Supports Secure Socket Layers (SSL) which transmit encrypted data ensuring complete data confidentiality.


Audit & Cybersecurity compliance

Application portal audited by external auditors for vulnerabilities and fixes.

stable and scalable

Stable and Scalable

High uptime of 99.99% backed by powerful SLA

powerful reporting

Powerful Reporting

With intuitive visual dashboards and comprehensive reports. you'll have every single employee's complete information on your fingertips!

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FAQ - HRMS Development

1. What is HRMS?

HRMS (Human Resources Management System) is software that aids HR in organizing and completing their daily tasks and processes. It helps in easy management, tracking, fastening the procedures, generating reports quicker, etc.

2. What are the advantages of using a cloud-based solution?

Establishing, expanding, and maintaining cloud infrastructure is less costly than doing so for locally hosted servers, unlike a hosted system. As a result, we can provide you with a lower price. We deal with top-tier platform providers that adhere to strict security standards.

3. Is my data secured on the Cloud?

Compared to in-house IT infrastructures, our cloud architecture is far more robust and consistent. Your business might benefit from a huge pool of redundant IT resources as well as a speedy failover mechanism, which allows hosted applications and services to be relocated to any of the other servers if one fails. We can deliver new features and enhance existing ones with minimal disturbance to your regular operations by using a cloud architecture.

4. Does SHIFT HRMS take payroll and labour relations compliance into account?

Yes, the SHIFT HRMS takes the payroll and labor relations compliance into account.

5. Can it be integrated with other systems?

Yes, you can integrate the SHIFT HRMS with other systems.

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Shift Infotech nurtures new ideas and converts into innovative solutions.