Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We at Shift IntoTech, respect your privacy and are always committed to safeguarding your data. The privacy notice mentioned below will help you understand how we use your data when you visit our website. This privacy policy applies to Shift IntoTech and the other online services that you use while interacting with our website, irrespective of where you are accessing this website from being it is a computer, mobile, or any other device.

Children are not permitted to access our website. Please read our Terms & Conditions page, which defines how a user can use the site.

Below is the description of the privacy practices that we follow:

Source of Personal Data

In our business, we gather and process some part of the personal data of our users and visitors. We collect personal data while the user is traversing on our site and from social media, responses to promotional advertisements. So if your data is available with us- then more likely it's shared by you.

The data collection technologies are built within our websites, digital advertising, telecommunication systems, and social media. So, in addition to the data that a user deliberately gives to our site, these digital systems also collect your data. Here is data such as type of browser, frequency of access, device's operating system, geographical location, etc. In addition to this, we also collect personal data from our employees.

Processing of personal data

When we collect data, we process it for commercial purposes wherever possible. We use this information to build and maintain connections with our clients and meet their requirements and for administrative purposes. Your personally identifiable information may also be shared with companies that offer services to us, such as data analytics, web crawling, mapping, and so on.

Private information is also processed while we are signing a new contract. In such instances, we handle data based on permission from each person for the specified use/purpose.

The personal information would never be shared without your permission. However, we might need or publish your personal information if compelled by law or if we substantially think it is appropriate to defend our rights and comply with governmental or administrative investigations, a judge's order, or other judicial procedures.